[ photo ]Tonya grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and made the big move to Los Angeles in 1998 after she graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. Theatre in the Acting Emphasis program. During her stint at ASU, Tonya was proud to have worked closely Marshall W. Mason and Victoria Holloway.
Some of her stage credits include: Fiddler on the Roof, An Actors Nightmare, Trista Baldwin's Accidents and Short Conversations, Angels in America, and Ashleigh in 5 AZ Pieces: Final Vow for which she recieved the Best Actress Award at ASU. Her film credits include Steven Spielberg's new thriller with Tom Cruise: Minority Report, Ron Howard's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Cameron Crow's Jerry Maguire, and a featured rolls on HBO's "Six Feet Under" and TV's "Marshal Law."
Read an exclusive interview with Tonya here.


[ photo ]Jay began his directing career at the ripe age of 7 while stalking the streets and backyards of his Scottsdale, Arizona neighborhood with an 8mm camera. At a very early age, Jay realized the key to being a strong director was to understand the jobs of everyone else on the set.
While traipsing through the crews, Jay discovered an untapped passion for photography and he has spent several years studying and practicing the art and craft of cinematography. Often finding himself in unique hyphenate positions on low budget production (such as the gaffer/assistant camera hyphenate), Paranoid marks a return to his favorite hyphenate of director/cinematographer.
When he's not behind the camera, Jay often takes to the open waters behind the helm of a sailboat.
For more information on Jay Holben, see his directorial website at
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[ photo ]It was at age nine, after seeing Close Encounters of the Third Kind, that Eric Tozzi knew he wanted be a filmmaker. Malibu California became the backdrop for Eric's super-8 movies as he grew up there. His first film, Terror In The Backyard, was a huge hit, especially with neighbors and friends. Entering the Hollywood Teen Film Expo in 1984 with a super-8 film called the Midnight Zone, Eric received second place in the Experimental category.
After graduating from Santa Monica High School, he pursued screenwriting, landing a well-known literary agent a few years later. Directing and editing music videos was next. He then went to work as an AVID editor for Simon & Schuster in Scottsdale Arizona, editing documentaries aimed at high school students for satellite and web-based interaction. Eric edited a NASA documentary, NICMOS: A Look Beyond The Visible, which received a 1998 Telly award.
Eric and Jay Holben have been longtime collaborators. Twice now, Jay has served as cinematographer to music videos that Eric has directed and thrice Eric has sat down with the digital scissors to help mold Jay's projects. Eric currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and is involved with a number of projects, including an independent feature film.


Alek Vila's story is complicated. He holds titles such as MBA graduate, director, composer, sound editor, and graphic designer. Alek has excelled at a wide variety of creative and technical occupations and continues to stretch the boundaries of his capabilities with his latest effort.
As composer, some of Alek's credits include: Wall, Spirits Cafe, and Writer's Block and as a graphic designer, he spent several seasons on FOX's The X-Files. Currently, he is working on the other side of the lens as a singer and musician. Add writer, record producer and engineer to the list as well as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Is there an end to this madness?
At this time, Alek is busily promoting the release of his debut album, called Love in Color. For the latest information about Alek Vila, see his web site at


Conceived in South Dakota and then born in Mississippi in 1971, Buck Sanders was raised in South Carolina and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music in 1989. Buck spent his time playing guitar in bands while working at a laser disc specialty store to support his music habit. During his stint at the video store, Buck found an untapped passion for film scores and received a full fledged 'edgumacation' on film composing from the team of professional film geeks working there. One of these geeks happened to be aquaintcences with film composer Marco Beltrami, who had just completed work on Wes Craven's Scream. Buck was introduced to Marco and a professional match was made in heaven.
Buck began working as Marco's assistant in 1997. "I basically run his gear for him, create samples/sound design for each film and occasionally write cues," explains Sanders. The duo completed the Scream trilogy together and their other credits include Mimic, The Minus Man, The Watcher & recently, Dracula 2000. They are currently working on the John Dahl film Squelch, Jody Foster's production of The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys and Luis Mendoki's Angel Eyes.
Sanders offers, "Paranoid was a true pleasure to work on... I believe I have won the white trash lottery."
We're not sure what that means - but we'll take it as a compliment and wish him all the luck in the world.


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